How Infrastructure is Bringing the Kingdom of Bahrain to Rise Socio-economically

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a leading GCC country focusing its 2030 strategy on infrastructure development to provide access to basic services, sustainable energy, and smart cities. The Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning is overseeing the development of 152 projects in multiple sectors, including sanitary engineering, education institutions, and roads and bridges throughout the country.

Despite vision 2030, The Ministry of Works and The Ministry of Transport have been working since the last 5 years on different projects with the aim of integrating Bahrain´s future vision. All their projects are tackling the Sustainable Development Goals by putting the Kingdom´s people first.

Water Infrastructure:

Sustainability is at the core of infrastructure development. The Tubli sewage treatment plant is one of the most critical challenges in infrastructure for the Kingdom of Bahrain. The treatment capacity will be increased from 200 thousand cubic metres to 400 thousand cubic metres daily. This amount will be suitable for agricultural use and landscaping, providing smart and efficient services in the agricultural sector.

Transport Infrastructure:

The Bahrain Metro will be a 109km fully integrated network, with 30km of elevated track including 20 stations, and reaching the international airport. It will have the capacity to carry 43000 passengers per hour. The $2 billion project aims to be fully electric and eventually driverless, integrating smart and green cities into their core functioning.

Prototype Kingdom of Bahrain Metro

Healthcare Service Infrastructure

The Long Stay Care Centre project included the entire construction and maintenance of a facility aiming to accommodate and treat medically patients requiring more prolonged recovery time and assistance. The project comprised a 100 bedded facility and was finalised in 2021. On the other hand, the Kuwait Health Centre expansion is a project with the vision of delivering the best services to meet the needs of citizens and residents. Healthcare is the primary goal of Bahrain´s vision 2030, and creating projects like these ensures additional access to healthcare and facilities throughout the country.

The Future

Since last year, Bahrain has invested or will commence investments in the Bahrain International Project ($1.1 billion), a new gas processing plant ($355 million), electricity and water delivery projects ($900 million) and construction of roads, sewage networks and electricity connection systems for three cities. In addition, Bahrain is aligning its 2030 strategy with the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning to reach a prosperous society in line with socio-economic and sustainable development.